Girona, Spain Bikepacking Gear List

Bikepacking gear planing is integral to having a safe trip and should be done in advanced a few weeks or months prior to departure. It’s also quite fun to see everything come together as you select the gear you need and lay everything out on a list or using computer software. Lately I’ve been using Miro for all my gear plannning, which is a a whiteboard platform that enables you to collaborate with people to effectively plan and brainstorm with ease. In the software I compartmentalize everything by breaking out what I need into buckets such as on bike clothing, first aid, food, electornics etc. I also like to include my breakdown by date in a list format which displays what I need to do from day of arrival to departure. 

My Girona, Spain trip was a lightweight, high speed bikepacking tour where I stayed lodged at local hotels off the route each day. This meant no camping was needed so I was happy to be able to leave the entire kitchen sink (excessive gear) at home. All of my gear was packed in Revelate Designs bikepacking bags which kept me agile on the bike and steady in technical section. Chime in with a comment below if you have questions about this setup. Would love to know what some of you pack for international trips. 

On Bike Clothing
2x Jersey, 2 Bibs, MTB shorts/ bib, 2x socks, Base-layer, Cycling cap, Gloves, Helmet, Sunglasses, MTB shoes, sunglasses
Off Bike/ Casual Wear
Merino T-shirt, Rain jacket, Shorts, Puff jacket, Merino socks, Reef sandals, 2x underwear
On Bike Gear
4x 24oz water bottles, 3L reservoir, 
Multi-Tool, 1x tube, Tubeless repair kit, 2x C02, Mini pump, Patch Kit, Chain Links/ Master Link, Portable Battery Pack, 
Headlamp, Bike Lights, chain lube, Voile straps
Cliff bar, Gels, Other food TBD based on local food vendor availability on route
Allen keys, Tire sealant, Tire plug/ Boot, Duct tape, Needle/ thread, Mini pump 2x C02 cartridges, Chain lube
First Aid
Advil, Salt tablets, Mini first kit
I.D., Credit card/ Cash,
 iPhone & Charger, Headphones (Not Pictured), 
GoPro & Extra batteries, portable battery pack

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Ridden & Written by

Dwayne Burgess (Manual Pedal)



  1. Paul O'Boyle

    Really helpful – thanks – BTW what bag/bike box did you use to ship your bike on the plane and if you ha da bike box where did you store your box/luggage?

  2. Franco rinaldi

    What gear did you put in which bags?

  3. Franco rinaldi

    What gear did you put in which bags? Thanks for sharing!

    • Dwayne Burgess

      Thanks for tuning in. All gear was packed in Revelate Desigs bags selected below.
      Tangle Frame Bag
      Spinelock 16L
      Shrew feed bag
      Egress Pocket

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