Traversing the backroads of Virginia

After packing I left the Chopawamsic forest this morning immediately climbing my first road for an after breakfast snack. A few hours later I found myself in the backcountry. The quint roads and obscure locations were places to spend time and ride slow through. Besides the clicking of my11-speed gear, the subtle sounds of the wind, rhythm from the birds and flowing water from the rivers all contributed to the body of the land while passing through.






I met Wilson at a Wyant’s local country store where we spoke for a bit. He took the bill when I cashed out on my mid day snack which consisted of homemade brownies, orange juice and canned pineapple. Wilson works the farm and was born and raised in Charlottesville, VA.




Stopped at Chiles Peach Orchards Farm Market and couldn’t help but try the strawberry donuts. They were delicious and the best I ever had. While the peaches won’t be ready till June, I’m sure they serve great peach ice cream perfect for the warmer weather to come.



Camping Lake Anna


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