Cycling, The Safest Transportation Alternative During a Pandemic

New York is the city that never sleeps, but in the last few weeks, the city snoozed and didn’t get up when the alarm went off. Once a place where honking horns is the norm and cyclists dodge traffic on their fixed gear bikes riding down Broadway, are now scenes from “I Am Legend”.

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Social Distancing are the NY state mandates right now and everyone is encouraged to do their part. Essential Workers and those that need essentials, such as groceries and medicine, still need to venture out. Being a huge advocate for cycling I encourage people to opt for the bicycle as a safe and responsible way of getting around. As a means of transportation, cycling reduces the contact with surfaces that have been touch by many, and distances yourself from others. Bike shops are essential businesses that are open to those that are looking for a bicycle as an alternative way of getting around or to revitalize the old beater bike that once lived in the back of the garage collecting dust.

As native New Yorkers are adapting to a new routine that involves the bicycle, it is also providing a great way to build fitness and stay positive in times like this. There are a few things you can do to make it a safe and fun experience. Mapping out your ride before you go is a great way to stay worried free. Apps like Ride Spot offer features to help you take the safest route and you can save the ride for later use. Now that the city is less congested with cars, traveling by bike in NYC has become safer. The same rules to the road apply like hand signaling and stopping at red lights. Trust me, don’t blow red lights, you will learn the hard way and get yourself a $200 fine. Wear a helmet, gloves, and stay visible out there with clothing and bike lights. Most importantly, stay safe and healthy.

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Dwayne Burgess (Manual Pedal)


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