East to West – Thrills and Spills

An early start before 8am, I was shooting for 7 but the plan was to take it easy and clear my route that was just less than 40 miles. Once I reached the end I checked my maps and plugged in the following route that was 35 miles. It was only 11am and I decided to take it on. Unlike the horse draw carriages passing me by I startedfeeling fatigued climbing through the hills of the Dutch Country in Lancaster, PA. The hills can sometimes look like your riding into a wall or resemble a scene from Inception. The Charlie horses were coming in, and being fatigue was getting the best of me. I knew I had to make camp before 6pm and I was at least 20 miles from it.



The first campsite was missing and nowhere to be found. I didn’t waste much time searching or asking the locals since it was getting late so I continued on my route. I was off the grid to take a short cut where I took a spill on a back road slicing my left knee open. A few antiseptic packs and a Band-Aid patch were good enough to put me back on my bike without worry. I stopped at a church while in route and was able to refill my water bottles. Shortly after I was riding down hills, which was a relief after the climbs earlier that morning. I found a campsite by a lake and took it in for the night. The geese were honking, the stars were out with the moon illuminated the lake beside me.





  1. Nav

    Are you going through Iowa?

  2. Claude Michel

    you got my support bro, becareful i seen that nasty gash you got

  3. Jay Kazama

    beets are the almighty vegetable.. lol theyre like fuel for the body

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