WTB Vulpine SG2 Gravel Race Tire

Vulpine is the latest race-focused addition to WTB’s line of beloved gravel tires. Tightly spaced center knobs form a nearly uninterrupted centerline that decreases rolling resistance while the rest of the tread is packed with short knobs to further promote efficiency and minimize punctures. The overall knob profile mimics a high-volume road tire, which allows it to provide predictable cornering confidence on a variety of different surfaces.

Vulpine prioritizes all-out efficiency without sacrificing climbing or braking traction and is the perfect tire for gravel racers looking to lead the pack as well as daily riders in search of an efficient tire that excels on many surfaces including pavement, hardpack and gravel. Vulpine carries the namesake of a proven semi-slick WTB cross-country tire that delivered years of swift efficiency to racers who required speed above all else.

What's SG2?

In simple terms, SG2 is puncture protection. WTB added an ultra-thin nylon insert that wraps bead to bead on the tire giving you coverage all around. It adds protection to not just the surface of the tire but the sidewalls too. The SG2 nylon insert is designed with flat fibers that helps save on weight. Being that they are 120tpi means that it’s more durable and able to hold higher pressures, all the while giving you a suppler ride feel.

A Closer Look

The Vulpine tread features Dual DNA Compound, which combines the strategically placed characteristics of two different rubber compounds within the tread of a single tire. Supportive centerline rubber delivers optimal rolling efficiency and tread longevity while softer rubber throughout the outer edges of the tread increases cornering confidence across varied terrain and conditions. All Vulpine tires are TCS tubeless compatible, which eliminates the need for tubes, reduces weight, and accommodates lower tire pressures for improved traction and comfort compared to a traditional tube-type tire. Vulpine is available with an SG2 puncture protection layer for bead-to-bead coverage that defends all surfaces of the tire against punctures and nearly eliminates flats while also improving air retention.


Vulpine is available in a 36 x 700 size with three different configurations ranging from 381 to 434 grams. Versions with a 60 tpi casing are available in black or tan sidewalls for an MSRP of $65.95. Vulpine is also available with a 120 tpi casing featuring SG2 puncture protection and black sidewalls for an MSRP of $76.95. All three versions are currently available at WTB.com and will soon be found on bike shop shelves across America in the weeks ahead. Vulpine will be available in Europe by February.

*This review was made possible through partnership with WTB. However, this review is based on my personal opinion and experience. 

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