Bikepacking 2 Day Gravel Bike Gear

Slowly ticking all the boxes leading into a 2-night bike trip. Planning in advance is the fun part. I typically start with compartmentalizing my list directly from my iPhone. I used to write it down in my journal but it’s hard to beat the intuitiveness that the technology of the iPhone has to offer. I can be out and about and come up with an idea for a piece of gear and jot it down on my phone, and later return home to my desktop and see the same information. 

No backpack or dangling. All gear will be packed in Revelate Designs bags and outfitted to the bike to free up my back from pain and the occasional sweaty back that often makes its way down to your shorts leaving you with swamp ass. Chime in with a comment below if you have questions about this setup. Would love to know what some of you pack for extended international trips. 

On Bike Clothing
1 Jersey, 1 Bib short, MTB shoes, 2 pair socks, cycling cap, sunglasses
Off Bike/ Casual Wear
1 Smartwool t-shirt, 1 pair short, 1 underwear, 1 pair regular socks, Sandals
On Bike Gear
1 person Tarptent Moment DW, Nemo 40 degree sleeping bag, Therm-a-Rest Neo X Lite sleeping pad, 4x 24oz water bottles, 3L reservoir, 
Multi-Tool, 1x Tubes, Tubeless repair kit, 2x C02, Mini pump, Patch Kit, Chain Links/ Master Link, Portable Battery Pack, 
Headlamp, Bike Lights, Titanium cookset, Helmet
2x Freeze dried meals, 1 Uncle Bens rice & beans, 1 pack mashed potatoes, Energy bars, Salami stick, Trail mix, Dates, Oatmeal, 2 Tea bags
I.D., Credit card/ Cash,
 iPhone & Charger, Headphones (Not Pictured), 
GoPro & Extra batteries, 
First Aid

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Ridden & Written by

Dwayne Burgess (Manual Pedal)



  1. franco

    where do you keep the reservoir?

    • Dwayne Burgess

      The reservoir I store in my frame bag. It shares a space with my tent poles. I fill it up with H2O to 2 to 2.5 liters. Works well, Thanks!

  2. Marco

    Hi! Dwayne, have you ever bring with you a lock for the quick stop than can happen? Thanks

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