East to West – Turning the corners in Baltimore, MD

There’s no doubt about it, South Baltimore, MD needs to be reconstructed. The neighborhoods infrastructure is run down, and at a glimpse the people there are and have been diminishing gradually with it. Many factors lie in the undertaking of this city as to why it’s materialized in such this way like drugs, crime, real estate, education, city administrators and economics all contributing to the urban makeup. I’ve seen this happen many of times and people usually run away as it’s declining and some being pushed in a corner not knowing what to do next.



Taking turns around some of the corners of south Baltimore I’ve noticed public art and community gardens that beautified the area. Whether these may have been newly implemented projects or not, getting involved in community and coming up with ingenerative ways to adapt these elements to these areas can provoke change.




Later that evening I rode into Patapsco State Park where I was able to camp for the night in the back country. It was a good hike to find a good site to setup. I ended it off with dinner, reading and a short hike before sundown.






  1. Nav

    That was the best video yet!

  2. Jay Kazama

    the pics are really good ! story well told..

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